Ocgrow Group of Companies

Ocgrow Group of Companies is a privately held, investment group involved in real estate development and venture capital.

Our capital allocation in both these areas continues to identify the best investment opportunities for exceptional growth, and to always focus on the long term.

Our real estate group is focused on investment, development & ownership of multi family and commercial properties, leading to a growth oriented asset base across Canada. Ocgrow’s success has continued for over 35 years, with its dedication, focus & continual innovation. Our diverse experience includes building a range of developments from multi-family condo projects in Greater Vancouver, to mixed use commercial retail centres in Calgary and beyond. Ocgrow is focused on creating the best growth opportunities for solid investment returns over the long term.

Ocgrow’s venture capital group is engaged in a broad range of investment activities and has the flexibility to invest in a wide variety of asset classes. Within the high growth technology sector, we prefer to get actively involved with founder led entrepreneur teams, to help accelerate growth with our business expertise, coaching & mentorship, and hold for the long term. Ocgrow is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta with offices in Vancouver, British Columbia.